Hobby, art, graphics, miniature painting, drawing, painting, sculpting, sewing… Light matters. The REDGRASS art & hobby lamp is a state-of-the-art task lamp designed to meet all of your hobby needs. 

On Kickstarter early 2022!  


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REDGRASS art & hobby lamp

Good lighting is as instrumental to our hobbies as it is to our wellbeing. To to ensure you have the highest-quality hobby experience, REDGRASS deliver only the highest-quality hobby products. 

Redgrass art & hobby task lamp
Redgrass art & hobby task lamp

Experience color like never before.

Full Spectrum LED for the best color rendering possible.

Simply put, it’s the best you will find. Anywhere.

"No other task lamp can deliver an exact colour rendering as precise as the Redgrass Task Lamp. It is truly one-of-a-kind."

Lighting. Perfected

Light matters to you and your hobby

The RedGrass Art & Hobby Lamp is built with you in mind– no matter your profession or pastime.

Every aspect of this avant-garde product is designed around ensuring you and your latest project are as good as they can be. Don’t miss that all-important stitch, that final dot of paint, or that last touch of shading. Experience light like never before.

Redgrass task light

Precise. Powerful. Perfect

Stylish. Sleek. Simple aesthetic

Your space is valuable, you need it for brushes, paints, pens, needles, and tools. You don’t want it taken up with multiple cumbersome and heavy light stands. This state-of-the-art desk lamp is designed to blend effortlessly into your existing desk setup. 

Redgrass task lamp

Redgrass Art & Hobby Task Lamp. Kickstarter campaign early 2022!

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