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Interview with Firebrush Studio

Everybody can paint miniatures. At RedGrassGames, we like to support everyone, pro, and hobbyists alike! Here’s an interview with an awesome miniature painter: Firebrush studio Can you introduce yourself a little bit? My name is Carlos Tobes I am 36 years old, I am a graphic designer and illustrator, but I work professionally in audiovisual

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Interview with sorastro’s painting!

At RedGrassGames, we have the pleasure to follow and support a great miniature painter : Mark Sorastro. With over 100k followers on his YouTube Channel sorastro’s painting, many of us know his work and fantastic tutorials. He was kind enough to answer this interview where he shares with us a little bit of his experience

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Professional miniature painter : Angel Giraldez

Angel Giraldez was kind enough to answer a few questions about his job as a professional miniature painter. In this interview, you’ll see how passionate he is and how important it is for him to share his work. In order to help other miniature painters, he makes a lot of videos and tutorials that we

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What is the best hobby Painting Handle?

Best hobby Painting Handle   Introduction If you are particularly new to the miniature painting hobby, you may not understand why you need a painting handle. It may seem like an unnecessary expense when you are perfectly capable of holding your miniatures in your hand as you paint them. But painting handles are a very

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Great Gift Ideas for Miniature Painters

Do you want to get into miniature painting and aren’t sure what to ask for for the holidays? Are you looking for a Christmas gift for a friend or a family member? Great. You are in the right place because we have some awesome gift ideas for miniature painters and wargames hobbyists alike. If you

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Miniature painting: Holiday Gift Guide

A holiday gift guide full of well-designed and essentials painting tools. A selection of 5 perfect Christmas gifts for miniature painters but also for wargames hobbyists. This selection focuses only on essential painting tools. Also, they are all tested and approved by famous pro painters. So, with this selection of Christmas gift ideas, you are

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What is a Wet Palette and Why do You Need One?

What is a Wet Palette?   An Introduction to the Wet Palette What is a wet palette? If you are new to miniature painting, you may or may not already possess some form of palette. Perhaps you bought a shaped plastic one, or did what most people do: found an old piece of plastic to

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Miniature Kitbashing by Pete The WarGamer

With more than 90 000 painters following his miniature painting tutorials and step by step, Pete the Wargamer is also doing all kinds of interesting videos on his youtube channel. For RedGrassGames, he talks about conversions aka miniature kitbashing. Miniature kitbashing is something he really likes and masters. He has done more than 70 videos

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Interview with commission miniature painter

NRM paint aka Nikolas Rubens Mortensen is a full-time miniature commission painter who is running a commission painting service in Danemark . We wanted to know more about his journey! Here’s an interview to know more about his work as a commission miniature painter. Can you introduce yourself a little bit? Hey. My name is

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