RGG premium Brushes, the best brushes for miniature painting

Paint your minis from base to layering and up to the finest details with the 2 best brushes for miniature painting from Redgrassgames

Main brush and high detail brush from Redgrassgames for miniature painting


We created the best brushes for miniature painting. With their fine tips and large bellies, they will cover all your painting needs, with high quality Kolinsky hair. And they are so versatile, that you only need 2 of them: Double 0 for top precision and size 2 for all the rest. The perfect pair for all enthusiastic hobbyists.

Premium miniature brushes


After more than 1 year of research and testing, the perfect miniature brush pair came to life: RGG Brush Size #2 and RGG Brush Double 0
Made from the highest hair quality available, they were designed to last long, have the best tips with amazing snap and paint carrying capacity for miniature and wargaming. 

Size 2: Your main miniature painting brush

One size. Every situation from basing to layering.  A unique combination of a large belly and a narrow tip.

Made from natural Kolinsky hair.


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RedgrassGames Main Brush Size #2 with the finest tips and perfect hobby paint carrying capacity
Needle like tip for Double O Redgrassgames Miniature Precision Brush

Double O: Precision work for miniatures

Perfect for small details and reaching recesses. Achieve sharp lines effortlessly with needle-like precision. Tapered point for perfect control.

Made from natural Kolinsky hair


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Premium Brushes For Miniature Painting

Hand-made in Germany by expert brush makers. Made from the finest natural Kolinsky hair (Sable). There is nothing comparable on the market, with its unique shape and style. And it took us more than a year to perfect them for you to enjoy.

Stylish & well designed

Unique red handle. Perfect size. Seamless black ferrule. Rust proof. Distintive hair color.

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