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Hello everyone, 

I had the chance to receive the prototype of  miniature holder from redgrassgames last month, so here is my feedback on this essential tools for me! 

Redgrassgames is a French company, which had released a kickstarter for a wet palette , and has since opened an online store, offering painting gear, brushes, and the famous Everlasting wet palette.
I already used the wet palette that I find very good quality. Now I’m using their next kickstarter project:  the miniature holder.
Gamesworkshop have released a handle with a great success, there were unfortunately a lot of worries, and especially the max size (no more than 40mm of base).
Redgrass games offers its own version of handle and I must say that it is really amazing!
What’s so special about it ?  The top of the holder  can turn with a simple gesture of the thumb, and that greatly help while painting:

Please note, this is a prototype and the final version will be much smoother

Another point of difference, no attachment or fastening system here, but an adhesive putty (such as the patafix ​​for example), which perfectly sticks the miniature.


A video showing the 360° feature :


The product is really good, and the rotation feature adds a major product to the market , remains to know the price, but no doubt that the choice of kickstarter allows an affordable price. 
I use it almost daily (well my thunderhawk does not hold on, but still!) And I can only wish a long life to this essential tool.