How to setup your wet palette for miniature painting?

Setup a wet palette for miniature painting:

Learn how to setup and use your wet palette with the talented pro painter Angel Giraldez. A wet palette is an important tool used by miniature painter to keep acrylic paints wet for long. This tutorial will show you how to set up properly your wet palette for miniature painting.


How to setup your wet palette?

To get started, take the hydration foam pas and put it inside the wet palette.

Then you have to fill the palette with water. It’s the key step in the entire process. If you are not adding enough water, the paint will dry. The hydration foam pad should not only be wet but absolutely waterlogged. The line of water should be at the top line of the foam pad.

After that, you have to lay down the hydration paper, and smooth it down with your fingers. 

Let’s paint 

You ‘re now ready to paint! Put some paint on the palette and start painting. You can also use the wavy to add some paint or use it as a brush holder.

A dry palette is ancient painting technology. It may be any surface that you can place acrylic paint on before applying it to a model. The dry palette is “dry” in that there is no extra moisture coming from the palette itself. This kind of palette could be wood, glass, ceramic, or metal. A dry palette for painting miniatures allows an artist to place paint on a “working surface”. This provides an opportunity for the painter to adjust the loaded paint on the brush. Read on for more details on why a dry palette is important for painting miniatures. And, in many cases, superior to a wet palette.

After your painting session, simply close your wet palette. It will keep your paint wet for hours or even days.

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For more tips, watch the complete setup video or follow Angel Giraldez on youtube to learn from one of the best miniature painters!