RGG 360° is the only natural ergonomic handle designed to create the best connection between you and your miniature, help you adopt the best painting position and minimise unnecessary movements.

The first 360° rotation for painting handle was designed originally by Redgrassgames in 2018. Design patent 

10 Euros only / ≈ $11

The best miniature handle on the market

Sebastien B (Kickstarter backer:)

It’s awesome thanks again RGG!(still loving the wet palette) My wife said the spinning is so obvious it should’ve always been a feature on those handles, glad you were the first ones to figure it out.

Designed to fit naturally:

  • Natural ergonomic handle
  • Gentle curve to support fingers
  • Rest your wrist comfortably
  • Don’t stress your hand
  • Righty and lefty friendly

Ryk (Kickstarter backer:)

Got mine Yesterday in France. I absolutely love it. Besides the brushes quality is stunning. An absolute pleasure for painting sessions. Bravo messieurs j en achèterai d autres. Le putty est super impressionnant aussi.ca renvoi la pata fix simple aux oubliettes

Exhilarating 360° rotation:

  • The only durable 360° Metal axe
  • Smooth 360° rotation
  • Paint from every angle
  • Perfect control
  • No more involuntary movements

One size sticks all:

  • Safe and easy mounting putty
  • 10 to 50 mm bases
  • Round, square, oval bases and more
  • Mount all your plastic, resin models with ease

Reviewers love it:

    • “[…] Once you’ve got used to the rotating platform […] may end up being one of those features you never knew you wanted.” Sorastro’s painting
    • “[…]If you want the spin and a nice grip. This is absolutely spot on!” WatchitPaintit
    • “[…] This is pretty awesome!” The Beasts of war (Ontabletop)

Independant preview

Made prior to the kickstarter campaign ( 3D printed prototype )

Bruckenkopf online: in German or in English

Le temple de Morikun in French here  or in English

Video preview made by Sonic Sledgehammer Painting Studio  

War of sigmar blog: Preview of the new RGG miniature handle

Wardrock Painting: video in french

OrcPainterNerd (major youtuber): Youtube

Salaise Figurine Studio ( pro painter): In french or in english

Sorastro painting (major youtuber): coming soon

warpstormpainting: Preview video

Wargameronline: Preview video

The war gamer TWG: Preview video

Shoshie miniature painting: ( pro painter) : On her Twitch channel

L’atelier d’Hutif:  coming soon

Beast of  war : Preview video

WatchitPaint it: Preview video

The Esoteric order of gamers: coming soon

FlikPaintStuff: youtube

Francis-minis: In french

Jappe (commission painter): In english


10 Euros only / ≈ $11