Last hours! RGG 360° Ergonomic handle for miniature painting on Kickstarter!

Paint your miniature and figurine like a pro| Steady your hand| With unique 360° feature| The perfect holder for your favorite hobby

When painting miniatures, you cannot hold your miniatures with bare hands: You need a miniature holder.
RGG 360° (design patent) is an ergonomic handle for painting boardgame and tabletop miniatures.  The next best tool from Redgrassgames for your painting sessions!
This painting handle features an amazing new way to paint your miniatures. You can rotate the top of the holder 360° with the tip of your fingers. Effortlessly.

As with all our products, pro painters are already loving our unique painting handle. You only need to try it to adopt it! 


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A straight simple handle does not fit your hand comfortably.

To achieve a good quality painting, you need to stay focus and to hold your miniature without stressing your fingers or your hand. RGG 360° is slightly curved and designed to feel very natural in your hand.

No odd shape for a relaxed position for your hand. That’s why the sculpted handle has been designed to sit comfortably in the hand.


Holding RGG 360° ergonomic handle rather that the miniature or the base means you will avoid mistakes and greatly improve your painting skill. 

Holding RGG 360° is so “intuitive” and comfortable that it will save you from hand cramps.  It has the most natural handling designed so far for a miniature holder. 


Quite the opposite because the hand on the handle helps improve your overall precision.

RGG 360°  offers more control and allow you to get around your miniatures without removing your hand from the handle.

This innovation will help you achieve a better painting on every angle.



Thanks to our custom made mounting putty, you can fix a large range of miniatures from your favorite games.


Square, round, oval up to 50 mm

Round, square, exotic bases up to 50mm… miniatures bases come in many shapes.

When designing RGG 360°, we tried some mechanical designs and all kind of sticky materials but they were either non adaptive, clumsy, heavy, none reusable… anyway, they always had disadvantages. So we have created a custom made mounting putty, as the perfect mounting solution for your miniatures: Reusable, adaptable, safe, for long.

With 15 grams included with the handle, you have 3x the amount needed to stick your miniatures.

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