Black Friday Deals from Redgrassgames

Everlasting Wet palettes, RGG 360 painting handles, RGG brushes…


From our acclaimed wet palettes for miniature painting to our new RGG360 painting handles.
Need hydration paper sheets for your wet palette, a new set of Kolinsky brushes, or maybe some nippers?
Wait no more!

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Black Friday Bundles with a Free painting book from Angel Giraldez

Sales – Pro Painter Recommended Wet Palettes for Miniature painting: Everlasting Series

Deals – First Ergonomic 360 rotative painting handles: RGG 360 Miniature Handles

Promotion – Best brushes for miniature painting: RGG Size 2, Double 0 and Dry brush

Nippers to cut through plastic like a hot knife in butter!

RGG Days – Highest quality refills for Everlasting Wet Palette: Foams, Hydration paper sheets and Wavy

Redgrassgames created the bests product line-up for miniature painting. Hundreds of pro painters rely on our products daily to express their art and get the job done.

Together with Angel Giraldez, we published a free painting book, to learn all the techniques and what you need to know when getting started with painting miniatures. You can read it for free online or take the opportunity of Black Friday and Cyber Monday to get a printed copy with one of our bundles:

Redgrassgames Black Friday sales will be available until Monday 30th November at 11:59 PM (GMT+1)