Exclusive interview: Slsmithminipainting

Exclusive Interview: Slsmithminipainting

Steven Smith A.K.A Slsmithminipainting online, was kind enough to answer this exclusive interview for Redgrassgames. We’re lucky enough to support his wonderful art work. Read on for more!

Interview with Duke’s Paint Art

dukes paints art interview redgrassgames infinity corvus belli

German pro painter Sascha is one of the painters we have supported for a long time. As @dukes_paint_art online, you will have seen his amazing boxart work for several high profile games companies. Read on for more!

Redgrassgames painting handle: is it worth it?

oscar lars painting handle review rgg 360 miniature painting

Redgrassgames painting handle: is it worth it? Pro-painter Oscar Lars said yes! He sent us this wonderful review of our RGG 360 painting handle. Pretty much detailed, we thought you should read it too!

Painting Light Reflections With NRM

NRM Paint batman dark knight knight models gotham rgg redgrassgames pro painter tutorial finished model

How to paint and create a dark realistic touch on Batman’s cape? Painting black can be tricky? If you follow this full tutorial from NRM paint, you can give it a try!

How to base miniatures fast

redgrassgames basing tutorial quick and easy bases guide construction stage city ruins base

How to base miniatures fast !- DIY – basing minis is straightforward. You can use everyday items to create quick but effective bases with this guide.

Inspiring Interview: Masclans Miniatures

skylar kensho miniatures bust Masclan Miniatures rgg redgrassgames interview pro painter artist

Pro-painter Marc Masclans is one of the world’s most respected miniature artists and teachers. As ‘@masclans_miniatures’ online, you can see his amazing boxarts and commissions. As well as his award-winning pieces!

Viking Shield Painting Tutorial

Jarl shield parabellum conquest last argument of kings redgrassgames rgg nmm painting guide jonathan pfund wavecolors tabletop art

Today’s article is about painting this cool Viking ‘Jarl’ shield from Parabellum’s ‘Conquest: Last Argument of Kings’ range. And today’s artist is Jonathan Pfund from @wavecolors.tabletopart so if you want to paint a beautiful shield like him, then look no further!

Interview With Oscar Lars

Oscar Lars Interview with Redgrassgames

Pro-painter Oscar Lars is well-known for his wonderfully crisp paintjobs. As ‘@oscarlars‘ online, you can see his amazing warhammer paintjobs and commissions. Join us as we ask questions about his painting.

Interview with Kiki’s Miniatures Mania

kikisminiaturesmania redgrassgames interview kingdom death monster

Italian freelance painter and tutor Chiara Grassi is a well-respected community painter. As ‘Kiki’s Miniatures Mania’ online, you can see her amazing Twitch painting streams and tutorials. She also has a YouTube where you can learn! Read on for more…

Interview With El Miniaturista

Juan Sanz El Miniaturista interview with Redgrassgames

Interview with El Miniaturista. Spanish artist Juan Sanz is well-known for his stunning neon displays and OSl. At Redgrassgames we have supported Juan for a long time, so interviewing him for our readers was a real treat! Read on for more…