Redgrassgames miniature painting tools

Everlasting Wet Palette, RGG 360 painting handle, RGG brushes…

hobby Everlasting Wet Palette Painter Painting Book Pack

Redgrassgames miniature painting tools

Everlasting Wet Palette, RGG 360 painting handle, RGG brushes…


Painter lite



The Everlasting Wet Palette Painter Lite utilises our most advanced hydration system yet, with perfected ergonomics and at our most affordable price.

Redgrass wet palette The best painting tool for miniatures

Redgrass Wet Palette 2|The best painting tool for miniatures

The best got better. Revolutionary reusable membrane, cool design, watertight case.



Embark on your biggest painting adventures with Studio XL wet palette. With 30 x 20cm of painting space, paint a whole army and elevate your painting skills without limits.



Adopt the best miniature holder, for a pleasant, fun, and perfect painting session



Redgrass art & hobby lamp

Hobby, art, graphics, miniature painting, drawing, painting, sculpting, sewing… Light matters. The REDGRASS art & hobby lamp is a state-of-the-art task lamp designed to meet all of your hobby needs. 

On Kickstarter Mid-2021!


Written by Angel Giraldez. With this FREE miniature painting book, you will be able to master the basic technics, so that your painting sessions are always a pleasure.

RGG BRUSH #2 – Main Brush


Made from the finest hair available, our brush size #2 is your main miniature brush. It can do it all, from layering to basing. 

RGG BRUSH #2/0 – Double O


Made for the most accurate jobs, Double O has our finest tip. There is nothing comparable on the market and will allow you to paint the nicest eyes and finest details

RGG Precision Nippers


The smoothest and nicest cuts available on the market. Separating minis from their sprues has never been more pleasant.

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Dana Howl is a talented miniature painter. She loves painting ghosts and goblins.
In her classes, she’s helping beginners on how to start painting miniatures step by step by showing different skills. We are happy to support her amazing work. So don’t miss her basics tutorials!

We built Redgrassgames to reflect our passions and values: Testing new ideas, appreciation of well-made things and a strong affinity for design

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