To continue our news from last week regarding shipping and deliveries:

In order for you to have the wet palettes as fast as possible, we have selected the fastest way possible to ship more than 10 000 Everlasting Wet Palettes worldwide:

  • By train across Asia and Europe for EU & UK backers. We gain 2 weeks versus by boat. The container already left the factory and is currently being loaded on the train.
  • By Boat to the US west coast + across land to the fulfillment centers in the US & Canada. This route is significantly faster than shipping to the east coast. The container is already on the boat and departed.
  • For Australia, New-Zealand and Asia, the goods are already at the fulfillment center. Deliveries will start in a few days.
  • Free Pick-up in Paris: (in French about the dates) Dès que nous avons une certitude sur la date d’arrivée du train, nous vous conmmuniquerons les dates pour le retrait.
  • Rest of the World:  For our backers from Africa, Middle East and South America, your rewards will be shipped by VFI Asia or Aimplify asap.

You can follow-up the shipping status on www.redgrassgames.com from now on.

Thanks   Vivien&Fabrice

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