Wet Palettes and Tools For Miniature Painting From Redgrass Games

Purchase online the best wet palettes and tools for miniature painting and benefit from exclusive offers and services

Purchase online – exclusive offers and services


Offering you the best wet palettes, hobby tools and painting handle for miniature painting! 

The best wet palette got better. Revolutionary reusable membrane, cool design, watertight case.

The unrivaled task lamp that meets all your needs

Advanced features. Now affordable.

The first oil and dry palette for miniature painting.

Ergonomic painting handle for miniature painting

All new! Loaded with extra features.



Written by Angel Giraldez. With this FREE miniature painting book, you will be able to master your wet palette with the basic technics, so that your painting sessions are always a pleasure.

Made from the finest hair available, our brush size #2 is your main miniature brush. It can do it all, from layering to basing. 

Made for the most accurate jobs, Double O has our finest tip. There is nothing comparable on the market and will allow you to paint the nicest eyes and finest details

The smoothest and nicest cuts available on the market. Separating minis from their sprues has never been more pleasant.

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